What is National News

120430-D-NI589-0121	Philippines Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin (left), Philippines Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert del Rosario, Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton and Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta conduct a joint press conference after meeting at the State Department in Washington, D.C., on April 30, 2012.  DoD photo by Glenn Fawcett.  (Released)

Each and every day we have the opportunity to learn about events that unfold in our nation while we sleep. With technology acting as the superhighway for information, we can learn within seconds what has happened on the other side of the country. And it doesn’t take long before we see a story grow and change in our newsfeeds, on television, in the newspaper, and on the radio. Through these various news mediums, we discover the good, the bad, and the ugly that unfolds in every corner of the United States. When we learn about an event that influences the majority of the population in the U.S., we are experiencing national news: News that relates to, affects, or interests the majority of the people in our country. Sometimes the stories are “hard” news stories and are of widespread importance. Other stories are “soft,” and may interest Americans because of a human interest edge or bizarre twist.

Where does the news come from? Reporters and journalists deliver stories every day that develop locally, regionally, nationally, and worldwide. With news agencies all over the globe, correspondents can quickly and easily gather facts and other information, sharing them with different news outlets if necessary. In conjunction, The Associated Press, an American multinational non-profit cooperative of news organizations located in New York City, also keeps the nation up to date. The Associated Press is comprised of roughly 1,400 U.S. newspapers and broadcasters that make content available to it’s members for broadcast or publication.

What does a national news story look like? A prime example of a national news story is the story of Elizabeth Smart, the 14-year-old girl that was kidnapped from her Utah home in 2002 and rescued nine moths later. Her story of abuse made national headlines and still does today, as the now activist and news contributor for sexual predator legislation and other child protection acts continues her advocacy. It isn’t unusual for national stories to make world headlines, too. Elizabeth Smart’s story did, but is still considered a national news story because it happened with the borders of the United States.

Why is national news important? Being aware of general, political, health, and other news stories throughout our country can only serve us as we navigate our day to day lives. When we are made aware of potential dangers, we can take measures to avoid those dangers from affecting us directly. Good news can also help us make decisions that benefit us. The idea of gathering news to serve the greater good began sometime in the 15th century. Once handwritten, newspapers sometimes once took months to reach the people. Today we can find national headlines within seconds with just a click of a mouse.



Introduction Best resources of national news are the nation itself, the people of that country, their history, the politics of the country and the vision of that country the skills of the news men to be able to cover the news and be able to communicate to the audience.

The Technology and the equipment which is able to relay the news as soon as possible. Good language is also an important resource. The Nation A nation is a group of people who have a common history, who hail from the same location, who may speak a common language, who may worship the same deity, and eat similar food because of the geographical area The People Can you imagine news without people? The people are men, women, young people, children and infants of that nation. The men will do the plays and speak politics.

You may see them doing wrestling and games like football. The women participate in cultural and show awesome wedding shows. Young people are involved in debate clubs that are fabulous and quiz shows. Children can be aired singing native songs. There are the future of a nation.

The History of a people was the Nation colonized? And by who? Could it be any of the said nations the British, the French, the Germans or the Omani Arabs? This explains why persons speak French or English. The colonial style of the British colonialists influenced the language, the education system, the monetary system and even the religious ways. What languages were spoken before the influx of the British.

In kenya were 42 tribes The Skills of the media men Good, Resourceful, tragic and all News are conveyed by skilled newsmen. The news are conveyed through print or electronic media. The aim of news is to educate, entertain and inform hence the news men must be trained. The training is on how to write articles to a particular audience. Technology includes basic things like a cellphone which can transmit an item of news to a newspaper, a radio station or a news room. Technology has gone crazy with the internet, “the face book’, ‘the tweeters’, ‘Instagram’ News travel fast whether good or bad.

Language is a medium of communication. The language must be acceptable to a Nation. The Language must be one that is most understood by a majority of the people of that nation. Language is used to unite a people. it can also cause war if used wrongly. The Vision The good book says ‘without a vision, a people perish’ . The vision envisages what the future of a nation holds. This will includes things like, eradicating corruption, reducing poverty, eradicating illiteracy, reducing maternal deaths among others.